1. Change domain.

–  Subdomain changed from vip.fullvoyeur.com to v2.fullvoyeur.com.

2. Clean database.

– We keep Users with points remaining in the system, users can login with your previously registered account.

– We deleted Users that no longer have points in the system, you can register new users.

3. Do not received registration verifycation email.

– Please check SPAM BOX, or contact us.

4. How to watch videos ?

– We use a point system, you need to buy points to watch videos

– You need 01 point to unlock and watch 01 video (1 point/video), your points will be -01 after watch videos, we recommended you to view thumbnails before unlocking content

– Videos will expire and cannot be viewed after 15 days (from the date of unlocking), please watch or download before viewing expires.

– Points are sold at $0.15 USD = 1 Point, minimum 40 points per payment (Points never expired)

– Click HERE to buy points.

5. Other problems.

– Contact email: [email protected]